Quote of the day

"“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”"

-John Wooden, Basketball Coach

Member of the NECC

February 2018


Technical Leadership

There is often a belief that to lead a group of people you need to be the best at what those people do; the best technician, the best teacher, the best player. I often hear people expressing doubt about their ability to lead people who are older or more technically competent or more experienced than they are.

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Advice and Information

As business leaders and business owners we are likely to seek advice and to look for information. Some research has shown that small business owners look for advice from their accountants According to the Open University Small Business Annual Survey (2013, 2012 and 2009).

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A Manager’s Role

I came across the following words when studying for a coaching accreditation recently “The managers role is to help each employee reach inside and release his or her unique talents and use them in a way to improve performance. In a sense, the manager’s role is that of a catalyst. The manager helps an employee aim his or her talents at the organisation’s goals and its customers’ needs”. I was so impressed by the succinctness and brevity of the definition that I posted it on social media and was rewarded with a number of positive comments.

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