Quote of the day

"“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”"

-John Wooden, Basketball Coach

Member of the NECC

December 2016


The Law of Motion

I often talk about the journey, of life, of growing a business. I praise clients and their businesses for moving forward. The symbol for my business is a spiral, and I talk about how important it is to constantly spiral upwards and how if we stop driving forward then inevitably gravity will cause us to spiral downwards. We cannot stand still. We must strive to be better today than we were yesterday in whatever way we feel is important for us. Most of us can ride a bike, but riding a bike that is stationary is impossible for most of us.

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Was it good for you

Here we are again. Steaming relentlessly towards the end of yet another year. Of course the same thing happens at the end of every year and it seems that every year, as we get older, the years pass more quickly.

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Never Not Manage

Business leaders and business owners often struggle with managing others and I understand that. It is difficult. It is a challenge. It is a constantly shifting scene, which takes energy and empathy to do effectively. Typically we either over-manage or undermanage, whatever our underlying style may be.

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