Quote of the day

"“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”"

-John Wooden, Basketball Coach

Member of the NECC

June 2013


Demonstrating Integrity! by Ian Kinnery

“Does what he says he's going to do” is a significant measure of integrity as I said last week, and I recently heard another acid test of integrity.

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DWHSHGTD by Ian Kinnery

“Inward Honesty” is how my English teacher defined integrity and even at a very young age I was aware that being a person of integrity was an important and valuable thing.

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What is your style? by Ian Kinnery

I noticed when I was in a foreign capital city recently how easy it was to categorise people by their type. Standing at a busy pedestrian crossing I would notice those who would cross at the first viable opportunity, whether the lights were on green or not, they would be off and across the road, almost defying the traffic, or anything else to challenge them. Then there were others who would not cross even though it was apparently safe and legal to do so until the lights had turned green in confirmation. Some were noticeably left on the pavement as people streamed past them reluctant to move a step until they had “permission” from the electronic signals.

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