What is business coaching?

Ian Kinnery

Business Coaching has been defined as:

"a business apprenticeship where we use your existing business as our case study improving it along the way so that it at least pays for your investment in a customised business education that far surpasses a college degree"

You see we often assume because we have been doing things for some time that we know the best way to do it.

People go into business for all kinds of reasons. Often it is because we think that the Boss is an idiot and we can do better ourselves. We end up swapping the idiot for lunatic, working longer hours, under more stress and for less money than ever before.

Why? Well often the hairdresser will choose a hairdressing business and the accountant an accountancy business. Why? They will claim that it is because they know the business, but what they really know is how to style hair or prepare a VAT return. There is a big difference between being able to do some of the tasks within a business and being able to run a business. It takes many years of training to become a competent and skilled hairdresser, what ever makes us think that we can become the Business Leader of a hairdressing business overnight?

Business Coaching helps you to develop the skills and knowledge that you need as you need them. By working one to one with an experienced business leader and skilled coach you can quickly develop the skills and knowledge that you need to succeed and avoid the many potential pitfalls that litter the road.

There is always another level. Even if you have been leading a business for some time the chances are that you have stopped learning. You may be doing very well but have probably reached a plateau of your knowledge and skills. The fact is there is always another level. Why do you think that the world’s leading sportsmen and women all have coaches? Tiger Woods can’t see his own swing, Lewis Hamilton was not born with the level of strategic thinking he needs, Kelly Holmes needed help to channel her motivation.

As Sir Peter Vardy said “None of us got where we are today by ourselves. We’ve all needed mentors, friends and advisors to achieve our current success and will continue to learn as we continue to grow”

We live in an exponential world. Things are changing so quickly that we are constantly being faced with fresh challenges that we need to be able to think our way through. In their book “Coaching with the Brain in mind” Rock and Page said “Having a coach is like adding an extra prefrontal cortex onto your brain”

Performance equals potential minus interference. We all have more potential than we use. Coaching helps remove the interference, the greatest of which is often fear (of failure, and often fear of success). Business Coaching does this specifically in the business context and also develops the specific business skills and knowledge necessary for the business to grow.

“Growing the Business Leader to Grow the Business”

Does Business Coaching work?

Absolutely it does. Every day we help Business Owners and managers achieve more than they ever thought possible to break through barriers and limiting beliefs that have held them back, often for years, and to take their businesses to new levels by the deployment of simple techniques and methods they may never have seen before.