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""The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us.""

-Marianne Williamson, Author and Spiritual Activist

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Ian Kinnery


Ian’s background includes over 20 years running businesses; either as a business owner himself or as a senior manager or director running businesses with other people’s money.

He has started many new businesses and specialises in growing and turning ailing businesses around.

He has always been profit responsible and has been in charge of businesses as small as 1 team member and £150,000 of turnover to 253 team members and £110 million in turnover.

Having established his own business he knows only too well the strains this can put on any business owner.

As an Action Coach Ian was the fastest starting coach in the world ever, the fastest to Gold Master Coach in the UK and now as a Platinum Mentor Coach is among the very elite of the worldwide coaching community.

A keynote speaker at two European Conferences Ian’s knowledge and experience is beyond question.

His passion is working with Business Owners to help them get the lifestyle and rewards they deserve.

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